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Teacher in Special Education, Thank You

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Teacher in special education, I see you for the unbothered, unwavering, total legend that you are. Thank you for all you do day in and day out.

Special Education Teacher, Thank You

Thank you for the times you break your heart reading the case file of one of your students. In those early morning hours before the school comes alive, I know you have cried for them. I know about the clothes you buy for your students with your own money only to rip the tags off and claim that they were donated. I have seen the way you hold parents together so they can hold their kids.

Thank you for giving a snack to every single hungry face that crosses through your doorway. And yes, I know you buy those with your own money. I see the worry on your face when you send some of your students off for a holiday break and your joy when they return to the warmth of your classroom. You are unwavering in your resolve to love your students in good and in hard times.

Just in case no one has told you, let me be the first to say, I am sorry

I am sorry for all that gets dropped on your lap. The IEPs you agonize over, the parents who don’t understand what you are working towards and the times your hands are tied by policy. Sorry for the times the general education teacher population unknowingly excludes you and for the times you sit at a “team meeting” alone.

I am sorry dear teacher in special education that you are both observed and evaluated by people who sometimes know nothing about special education law. I see the way you are unbothered by throwing a rando learning target on your wall to check a box and then working fiercely towards IEP goals with your students.

You change the trajectories of lives. Guide parents through a journey that can be so scary to a destination unknown. You create a safe haven for your students. A hub of kindness and understanding within a school system that standardizes kids.

Thank you. I see the unbothered, unwavering, total legend that you are. I stand with you, and I cheer for you. My heart will always be in the Special Education Classroom.

Run your Special Education Classroom Smoothly

As Special Education Teachers we have the best and one of the hardest jobs in the school. I have many, many, many systems in place that free up my time so I can be more present with my students. Here are five ways you can keep your classroom running smoothly!

  1. Create a daily check-in system with your students and get general education teachers involved

  2. Make time for Social Skills every day

  3. Implement a Behavior Reflection system

  4. Celebrate your students

  5. Teach real world skills to increase student buy in and prepare them for life beyond your classroom

FREE Resources for Special Education Teachers


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