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Special Education Classroom Supply List: 10 Must Haves

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means we may make a small commission at no cost to you if you click and purchase something we recommend. The suggested products are ones we have tried and love! For more information see our full disclosure policy. Thank you for your support!

Are you setting Up your Special Education Classroom?

When you first walk into your sped classroom, there are things people just don’t tell you. For example, you may not have an actual classroom. You may be in a closet or a converted staff lounge like I was. Or, you may be “gifted” an entire classroom of mostly broken materials from the 80’s left by the former teacher (thanks dude!).

While there may be some gems in the pile (especially if you run a social skills group), it is a task. When I finally got my first classroom cleaned out and organized, I was asked by my administrator, “What do you need?” I had no idea. None. I couldn’t even guess.

But now I have my special education classroom supply list, a few things that I would NEVER teach without.

Special Education Classroom Supply List

  1. Visual Timers: I love visual timers for behavior modification, creating smooth transitions, and helping students learn how to pace themselves academically.

  2. Velcro of all shapes and sizes: What don’t I use Velcro for?! File folders, attaching visual cues to walls, labeling bins, personalizing spaces for students, and rotating visual schedules are all made easier with Velcro.

  3. Personal Laminator & Laminator Pouches: Setting up your classroom for the first time is a huge undertaking. You will buy, print, and make SO MANY things. So, the ones that I hope to use for many many years I laminate with my personal laminator. The pouches are significantly thicker than the kind at schools. It is a little more work upfront but it makes my resources last forever!

  4. Task Card Storage Box: These photo storage boxes are the PERFECT size for task cards and flash cards. I have one for math, one for ELA, and one for my social skills games.

  5. Magazine Files: I use these over and over for keeping student workbooks, book bins, and journals organized. A nice Velcro label makes them versatile.

  6. Plastic Tubs for IEP bins: I create an IEP bin for each of my students. These bins have the materials needed to take data on their individual goals. It keeps my progress monitoring organized and timely!

  7. Privacy Screens: Each seat in my room has a privacy screen assigned to it. I teach my students to access their screens when needed. This helps my students get their work done and recognize their own learning styles.

  8. Baby Wipes: Because… kids.

  9. Note Cards: You will find teachers, parents staff members, and students that you cannot live without. They will make your days so much more enjoyable and help you in ways you never imagined! I like to take a few minutes and write them quick notes of appreciation.

  10. Sticky Chart Paper: In small group settings I am a huge fan of having the students collaborate on making anchor charts. Bringing concepts to life as a group increases student engagement and retention. These chart papers are amazing because they stick anywhere! This is especially helpful when you have many different groups throughout the day. However, I will say that they are expensive, so if you're school can purchase them for you it's a definite win.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Teaching Special Education!

For all of its trials, my heart will forever be in the world of special education. Mostly, with the kids and with those other teachers who are cut from the same cloth. In other words, you are here and I am glad! It is so incredibly worth it.

You can read more about how I teach Social Skills Groups, Manage my Special Education Classroom, and Build Relationships with my students using a check-in check-out model! Be sure to subscribe to my email list for FREE teaching resources delivered straight to your inbox.


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