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I'm Krystal! My journey in Special Education started in the home of a child with Autism. He opened my eyes to the wonderful world of unique abilities and I couldn't get enough. From there I worked with children across a variety of settings including positions in a residential treatment facility, working with teens as a community skills trainer, and running social skills groups in a therapy clinic.

Eventually, I earned an MA in Special Education at got my own classroom! It was just as good as I hoped it would be. My classroom was big and bustling. I had nine paraprofessionals in and out throughout the day and a caseload big enough to keep me on my toes.

When I became a Mom to three, I knew it was the right time to take a step away and be home as much as possible while my kids were young. While I'm here, I spend my "free time" ;) creating products to support Special Education professionals and the amazing kids they work with.

My goal is to take one thing off of your over-full teaching plate so that you can spend your time building connections with students and hopefully find a few minutes to take care of yourself too. 
I'm so happy you're here!  


        Mrs. G


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