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Check In Check Out with your Students

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

A check-in check-out system in your classroom can be an absolute game changer in terms of classroom management. Here are three reasons you should start today.

In my classroom students cling to their behavior intervention charts with thoughtful pride. It is a cornerstone of our classroom culture and the best exchange of time for impact in my relationship with my students.

One, Student-Teacher Relationships

Build relationships with your students! Every single student in your classroom can benefit from using a check-in check-out system, not just your students who are in need of behavior intervention (although it is useful for those students too!) Teachers, this tool gives you the opportunity to experience each student as an individual. You may be shocked by the tiny glimpse into who your students are outside of your classroom and what they are walking in with every day. You can use that information to better set them up for success in the classroom. Didn't get enough sleep? Start slow. Feeling bored? Raise academic expectations. Excited for an upcoming baseball game? Give them the opportunity to share about it.

Two, Social-Emotional Learning

Develop social-emotional learning! It is important to think of checking in and out with students as a whole program and not just a form. Teach your students to reflect on their own behaviors. Have students use the information collected to graph their emotions over a specific time period or a during time of high stress (like the week of state testing, more on that here.) Students can use this data to observe trends and develop their knowledge of their own social-emotional learning.

Three, Empower Students

Empower students to own their emotions! The check-in check-out program can be a catalyst for teaching students to own their mindset. Reviewing the trends in their days at school can lead to brainstorming interventions. For example, “I noticed that in the last month, I have had hard days on Mondays during math. This week during math I will make sure I join the small group so that I can get extra help and I will not feel as frustrated.” Bam! I love when students own their learning! It's a skill that can serve them throughout their lives.

Implementing a system for checking in and out in my classroom takes about fifteen minutes each day. You can read more about the resources I use with my students here or create your own! The impact on my students and on the culture in my classroom is astounding!

Start Today



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