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Build your Classroom Culture through Writing with your Littles

Oh, how I love my Littles. As an elementary special education resource teacher, I have the luxury of working with students across grade and ability levels. And oh, how I love the Littles. Kinder and first-grade students’ enthusiasm and eagerness to please at the beginning of the year simply cannot be matched.

I love the way they raise their hands and pump their fists in the air when the get a correct answer. It's a special time, and if I'm being honest, a time of chaos too. To support my students in learning about the expectations of the classroom, I try to infuse my academic lessons with topics that will support students in learning skills that will help them beyond the walls of my room.

I look for any opportunity to incorporate classroom culture content into academic skill practice, especially at the start of a new school year. While many of my older students come to me for a dedicated social group time, I have to sneak in time to establish my classroom culture with the Littles. Writing seems to be an area of opportunity for infusing!

This thinking lead to the creation of my school expectations writing journal. Teaching students the skills of copying, tracing, writing and sentence completion are right in line with the common core state standards.

Having the topics revolve around what is expected and unexpected for behavior in the classroom is just a bonus! I find that my classroom culture is better, softer, more understanding when we allow the vocabulary in this writing journal to grow into heartfelt conversation.

It is also available as part of my elementary writing bundle. You can read about more the of the writing workbooks I use with my Littles here!

I would love to hear about all the strategies you use to build your classroom culture.



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