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Teaching Reading & Life Skills to Older Students

Every time I work with an older student who is reading at an elementary-grade level a thought passes through my mind. How would I feel? How would I feel if I were in middle or high school and the only texts I could read on my own were books picture about animals and Legos. My guess is it would probably make me feel isolated from my peers, bored and embarrassed. That just won't do.

Life Skills Through Reading Comprehension

With those students in mind, I created my Life Skills Reading Comprehension Workbook series. These reading comprehension workbooks are written at elementary reading levels but the topics are designed to engage older students.

I found that my students with Autism in particular have benefited from the content. Each workbook features multiple passages and various levels of reading comprehension questions around the theme. Ideally, the workbooks would be used in a classroom setting but with a small group of students working at similar levels. You can read more about how I run small groups in my special ed room here.

These workbooks started as an attempt to level the content playing field for my students and have grown to something I can't quite wrap my mind around. Teachers from all over the world have used them with their students, and as the audience grew, so did my topics.

How Does It Work?

The topics of the workbooks in this series were specifically chosen to support students who are transitioning into independent living. These workbooks aim to introduce students to concrete concepts such as community outings, cooking meals, doing chores, jobs for teens, and travel. The workbooks also cover content that is more abstract such as living with a roommate, self-care and digital safety.

My hope is that these workbooks spark conversation and interest in your students who are looking forward to gaining more independence as adulthood nears… AND of course, that students develop their reading comprehension skills too!


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