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Help your Students have a Smooth Morning!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Teaching hygiene in the classroom is one of those topics that I have a love-hate relationship with, I love knowing that my students are getting accurate information while developing their independence. I love that their morning routines for school will become easier. Let’s face it… I love knowing my students will smell good. But, I hate the awkwardness that inevitably comes with it.

Teaching Morning Routines

Learning hygiene routines can be a source of stress, specifically when it comes to the morning routine for school. Alarms ring, parents need to be at work, buses come, and schools start without a ton of room for error. A stressful morning at home can lead to a difficult morning at school. As a teacher and a mom I know that the more independent my kids can be, the less chaos will ensue.

I created a free morning routine checklist you can share with the parents in your classroom. You can download it here! As a teacher, it is worth my time to teach morning routines in the elementary classroom.

How it works in my classroom:

I created a mini unit to support teaching students about bathing, getting dressed, tying their shoes, and having breakfast as a part of my hygiene bundle for my students. Navigating the morning routine with confidence and independence can set the tone for a wonderful day at school.

Start the day by using a social story to introduce your topic. Then, enhance student learning by using sequence cards and vocabulary pages. In my classroom, I like to incorporate this word work into our Daily 5 ELA rotation.

Watch your students' confidence grow as they gain independence in self-care and learn to navigate their morning routines and enjoy the painfully awkward questions and thoughts that it will prompt!


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