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Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Turning My TpT Resources into Workbooks

As a TpT seller, you're no stranger to the world of educational resources and standards. You've spent countless hours creating materials that cater to standards, schedules, and all the other specific needs of teachers. You are fluent in what my hubby affectionately calls "teacher language."

But when you decide to venture into the realm of print-on-demand workbooks, there are major differences. Here are five valuable insights that I wish I had known when I first started this journey:

A list of five strategies for turning TpT resources into workbooks
turn your TpT resources into workbooks, five things I wish I knew

1. Consider Your Audience

On TpT, your primary audience is teachers who understand the specialized terminology and standards that you use, you know, the teacher language. But when you shift to print-on-demand workbooks, your customer base may expand to include parents and grandparents who are looking for resources to support their students at home. These individuals are less likely to search for complex titles like "Fourth Grade Writing Intervention and Assessments." Instead, they are more inclined to search for straightforward titles like "Writing Practice Workbook." Therefore, it's crucial to consider who you are targeting and title your workbook accordingly to attract a broader audience.

2. Research Platform-Specific Keywords

Before you start converting your TpT resources into workbooks, take the time to research platform-specific keywords. Look at what's already selling in your specific niche and make your workbook fit the mold. Understanding the keywords that resonate with your target audience will help your workbook surface when potential customers search for relevant materials. This step is instrumental in getting your book in front of the right people and increasing its visibility. No software or you're sure where to start with SEO? Find the top one hundred workbooks on Amazon in your niche and see if you recognize any common words or phrases in the titles.

3. Revamp Instructions for Use

There are two types of workbooks I create, Comprehensive and Single Skill. They are made for very different buyers. When you're on TpT, your resources often come with detailed lesson plans designed for your intended buyer, fellow educators. However, many times a print-on-demand workbook is not a lesson plan. It's a user-friendly tool for parents, grandparents, or tutors to assist students at home. This is huge, especially if you are creating a Single Skill workbook. Therefore, it's essential to revamp your instructions for use. Simplify them into straightforward, easy-to-follow guidelines aimed at a single student or small group. Make sure that anyone, regardless of their teaching background, can effectively use your workbook to support a child's learning journey.

4. Rethink Your Title

This one’s going to hurt… We are all attached to our elaborate teacher-centric titles for good reason. They shout out specific skills, and standards, and call out to other teachers like a lighthouse through the fog. But it's time to rethink them. In the print-on-demand world, your title is one of the most critical search terms. To improve your workbook's discoverability, keep the value but ditch the fancy teacher talk. It’s painful… My beautiful Writing Intervention TpT product currently lives on Amazon as, "Sentence Writing for Kids Grades 1-2". It ain’t pretty, but it's concise, clear, and aligns with what my target audience is actually typing into the search bar.

5. Pay Attention to Formatting

Since your workbook will be printed, formatting becomes a crucial consideration. Think about where you might need to add blank pages throughout your workbook. These blank pages can serve as spaces for students to write, draw, or engage with the content. Proper formatting enhances the user experience and ensures that your workbook is functional in its printed form. This can be platform-dependent.

Transforming your TpT resources into workbooks using print-on-demand is a strategic move to expand your audience and revenue streams. Here are nine steps to help you get started. Embrace these insights as you move into this next step in your online resource creation journey! Let’s continue to provide valuable educational resources to a broader audience. I hope you’ll join me in my FREE Facebook group TpT to P.O.D. Turning Teaching Resources into Profitable Workbooks because the possibilities are endless.



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